At Solent Butchers Limited we acknowledge the environmental impact our business has and firmly believe that we have a responsibility to minimise this as far as is practicable. The Board of Directors is committed to compliance with environmental legislation, working to Best Practice, maintaining an environmental management system and overall minimising the environmental impact of the business.

The Directors and Management Team work to:

  • Ensure environmental considerations are integrated into our business decisions, including procurement.
  • Actively seek opportunities to minimise energy usage and waste generation.
  • Actively seek opportunities to recycle or reuse packaging within the constraints of producing safe food.
  • Promote environmental awareness amongst staff. Monitor, review and continually improve our environmental performance.
  • Keep abreast of industry innovations and strive to implement these where applicable.
  • Encourage our customers and suppliers to consider environmental impact in their choice of packaging.
  • Use local businesses as far as possible in order to minimise the impact of transport.
  • Continually review and invest in newer, more efficient delivery vehicles.
  • Rationalise delivery schedules to minimise transport and noise pollution.

Energy efficiency – we aim to reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency and investigate the use of energy from sustainable sources such as solar and wind power.

Environmental impact - we aim to monitor and reduce the environmental impact of Solent Butchers Limited by waste minimisation, recycling of raw material packaging, increase in the percentage use of recycled / reusable packaging wherever possible within food hygiene constraints, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from refrigeration and reduce transport CO2 emissions from our distribution fleet.