Expertly prepared on site by our butchers, our mixture of marinated products are ideal for summer barbecues or simply adding a new flavour to compliment our existing range of fresh meat products.

A range of marinades (Food glazes), add exciting flavours to our offering of Beef, Lamb, Pork and Poultry. Some examples…

Cajun Glaze
Hot, Spicy, Herby glaze with a Southern States flavour.

Chinese Glaze
Sweet, spicy Chinese glaze with a distinctive aniseed flavour.

Hickory Smoke & Maple Glaze
A rich Hickory smoke and native maple blend.

Hot n Spicy Glaze
Combination of aromatic spices with a distinct chilli kick.

Mint Glaze
A subtle mint flavour to add sweetness.

Mint & Cucumber Glaze
Fresh and juicy cucumber with a refreshing mint flavour.

Pepper Steak Glaze
Textured coating flavoured with pepper, garlic & spices.

Rosemary & Garlic
Old English rosemary with a distinctive garlic flavour.

We are continually reviewing and developing new flavours.