Our Supply Partners - Pork


A family run pig farm, home to premium Maldon Pork in Essex offer Farm Specific Red Tractor Approved Pork. The Pigs live in open straw yards with plenty of freedom to express their natural behaviour and are fed Wheat and Barley grown and milled on the farm.

Plantation Pigs is a family business run by Hugh Norris and nephew Paddy. Our goal has always been to produce the finest quality pork from pigs that enjoy a natural, free range life from the top of the South Downs near Brighton. All our pigs ¬ are Duroc/Hampshire crosses. These breeds confer great qualities on the pork making it succulent and tender. Importantly, these pigs can also withstand the heat of a summer’s day and cold winter nights outside.

The combination of traditional, slow-growing breeds, a healthy outdoor lifestyle and safe nutritious food produces fine pork with a superior flavour.

Cherryfield is a family run company established in 1956. As one of the largest stand-alone pork cutting plants in England it offers a full range of fresh pork, from whole carcase to individual cuts through to offal. The Company also has a separate curing operation on-site to produce Gammons and various other cured products.

Our pigs, from Red Tractor to RSPCA Assured approved through to Free Range, are rearedon farms in coastal areas of Suffolk and Kent North Downs.

At Dingley Dell, pigs are born, reared and grown outdoors all year round. Reared on Ashmoor Farm, an ‘Ambassador Farm’ for RSPCA Assured in the beautiful Deben Valley of Suffolk the atmosphere that the pigs live in is calm and nurturing producing a superb tasting, welfare friendly pork with impeccable provenance. All our pigs are Duroc/ Landrace/Large White crosses. It is the Duroc that introduces marbling to the meat, giving a fuller flavour and finer quality.