Our Supply Partners - Poultry


Highbury Poultry supply a Fresh Shropshire grown Chicken with full traceability from farm to your door.

Our Products have earned a reputation for excellence over the past 50 years and our customers trust us to deliver the right results each and every time direct to your business.

Peter and Sue Coleman have worked Merrifield farm situated in the beautiful Devonshire countryside for over twenty years. They have now joined by James, their younger son, The family pride themselves on producing top quality chickens and ducks that give the true flavour of the product whilst maintaining a very sympathetic approach to bird welfare.

Creedy Carver free range chickens are reared in small flocks to reduce stress and increase freedom. A simple diet, greater maturity and a natural environment produces a happier chicken with greater flavour. Ducks are reared in small flocks with daytime access to grassy paddocks. Grown in such welfare friendly conditions ducklings really do produce a better quality and flavour.

Based at Hubbards Farm in Shalford Essex, William Grove Smith and his family have been farmers in the area since the 1930’s, going back three generations.

The cornerstone of the farming business is the arable farm that produces high quality cereals that are fed to the turkeys all year round. Reared in barns with low stock density and plenty of natural light, fresh straw and soft wood shavings to create a non-stressful environment and a few toys randomly placed to help stimulate the birds. The special ingredient is the English Rose turkey, which is a slower growing bird fed on a farm based ration which has superior eating and taste qualities.

At The Fresh Chicken Company, diversification and flexibility are the key factors to the company’s future success and growth. We are committed to identifying the needs of our customers and developing long term relationships. The company employs strict quality and hygiene standards, ensuring full product traceability and a Red Tractor approved product range.

We are unique, offering unrivalled levels of customer support, which can be tailored to your individual needs. Our aim is to exceed all of your expectations by providing a series of added value services which will help you to develop your business.

Salisbury Poultry (Midlands) Limited have been established since 1989, priding ourselves on our family values and traditions. We supply a complete range of fresh and frozen poultry, with the ability to provide bespoke hand finished products. Salisbury Poultry is a successful, progressive and flexible company that works with its suppliers to provide total customer satisfaction. By using premium quality ‘A’ Grade UK Red Tractor chickens we have gained an enviable reputation for a dynamic service ensuring that customer needs are always achieved.

2 Sisters Food Group started out from very humble beginnings in the early 1990’s, and has grown to become one of the leading food manufacturing companies in Europe, processing six millions chickens every week. All our birds are grown on Red Tractor approved farms, sourced from over 700 company farms or private contracted growers with full traceability from farm to fork. Using two breeds of birds (Cobb 500 or Ross 308), the birds are grown in houses with full environmental enrichment, which includes, windows, bales, pecking objects, with water and food freely available. It is our goal to be the most progressive, professional and innovative supplier to each of our valued customers.